Do I Have Sleep Apnea?

First calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index)

Height: feet inches
Weight: pounds

Then fill out the following form:

Do you SNORE loudly (louder than talking or loud enough to be heard through closed doors)? noyes
Do you often feel TIRED, fatigued, or sleepy during the daytime? noyes
Has anyone OBSERVED you stop breathing during your sleep? noyes
Do you have or are you being treated for high blood PRESSURE? noyes
Do you have a BMI (Body Mass Index) greater than 35? noyes
Is your AGE greater than 50 years old? noyes
Is your NECK circumference greater than 16 inches (40cm)? noyes
Is your GENDER Male? noyes

If you have a HIGH or INTERMEDIATE risk of having sleep apnea, you should discuss this with your primary care physician or contact this office at 609-275-5700 for a sleep consultation.

The preceding form is for informational purposes only and should not be considered to be medical advice. Please consult directly with a physician.

"STOP-BANG" Sleep Apnea Questionnaire: Chung F et al Anesthesiology 2008 and BJA 2012